We have been using InvoicePrep for more than a year. We love that our clients have such a positive impression of our Firm.

John FloydPartner, Floyd Skeren & Kelly

When we decided to bring in experts to improve our billing processes we had no idea the results would be so dramatic and positive. We are thrilled.

George WoolvertonCo-President, Stockwell Harris Woolverton & Muehl.

How Law Firms Benefit

Firms that use our services and software experience immediate benefits.

  • Faster Invoice Payment
  • Reduced Invoice Adjustments
  • Increased Revenue
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Improved Data Capture

Making It Better

For each law firm invoice, InvoicePrep uses the industry's most advanced software to identify potential guideline violations. Each invoice is then prepared by attorneys with extensive experience in invoice review and preparation. This powerful combination of technology and expertise means powerful results for firms.

No Risk

InvoicePrep clients only pay for the services they need and there's no long-term financial obligation. Most firms pilot our services with a small block of clients. When the benefits of InvoicePrep are clear (and it doesn't take long!) firms expand their use of our services.