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Before InvoicePrep begin services with any law firm, we perform an historical analysis of the Firm's experience with each specific payer being considered for InvoicePrep's services. This analysis provides valuable information to the Firm, and to InvoicePrep, about the payers historical adjustment rates (both pre- and post-appeal) and the reasons for those adjustments.

This analysis becomes part of the benchmark criteria against which InvoicePrep's value can be judged. This data also provides critical information about the Firm's timekeeper invoice preparation behaviors, which can then be addressed as InvoicePrep helps the firm to improve its processes.

For qualified firms, this historical analysis is provided without charge. In some situations, a small Analysis Fee may apply, but can always be used as a credit against any future InvoicePrep fees. Contact us below to speak with InvoicePrep about an analysis of one of your payers.

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