Our Management Team

Our Staff

Wayne Nykyforchyn
Founder and CEO

Wayne Nykyforchyn is the founder, CEO, and president of InvoicePrep and sets the overall company vision and strategy. Prior to forming InvoicePrep, Wayne created and acted as CEO and president of Allegient Systems, which remains the most widely used electronic legal and vendor invoice review platform in the insurance industry. Wayne has also served as vice president and general manager at ADP Claims Solutions Group. He is the managing partner at Forchyn Capital, a private investment group in the legal technology arena. He is a graduate of Ryerson University in Toronto, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in business and finance. In addition, he completed the Executive Development Program at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Laura M. McGough
Chief Operations Officer

    Laura M. McGough is the chief operations officer at InvoicePrep and works to ensure optimal efficiencies throughout the organization. Prior to joining InvoicePrep, Laura was vice president of Invoice Review Operations for Zurich Insurance where she oversaw the processing, review and management of several million invoices annually in the claims, legal and medical arenas. Laura has held several senior executive positions with a focus on operational performance and improvement. She was director of government operations, director of claim operations and director of reporting and cost management for UnitedHealthcare. Laura is a graduate of Elmhurst College, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in business management and administration. In addition, Laura completed executive coursework at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

    Ashiq Al-Jahn
    Chief Technology Officer

      Ashiq Al-Jahn brings technology-oriented expertise and strategies to InvoicePrep. He has an impressive track record of building high-quality and cost-effective legal and litigation technology solutions for insurance companies, corporate legal departments and law firms. Among his many accomplishments, Ashiq oversaw the development of a legal e-billing solution for one of the industry’s largest insurance carriers.

      Eleanor Sabo-Buday
      Vice President, Finance and Administration

        Eleanor Sabo-Buday is the vice president of finance and administration for InvoicePrep. Prior to joining the company Eleanor served as vice president of finance at Allegient Systems, where she assisted with the successful sale of that organization to Bottomline Technologies. Subsequently, at Bottomline, Eleanor acted as finance administrator. Previous experience also includes manager of corporate accounting, financial systems implementation treasury and risk management at Executone Isotec, an industry-leading communication hardware firm. Eleanor is a graduate of Sacred Heart University with a Bachelor of Science in accounting.