How Law Firms Benefit

Improved Profitability With a Very Positive ROI

InvoicePrep knows that law firms need to see a real and immediate return on their investment (ROI) as they invest in InvoicePrep’s services. In order to meet this need we provide ongoing feedback to the firm that highlights exactly what their ROI is, both for each customer of a firm and for the firm as a whole. Consistently we are able to show that the financial benefit to a firm is many times more (2-10 times) than the amount of InvoicePrep’s fees. Contact us and we will show you some real examples.

Summarized briefly, InvoicePrep has a three-fold value proposition:

Optimize Attorney Time

Attorney time spent in the e-billing process can be both excessive and expensive. With InvoicePrep on your team, billing partners spend less time on pre-billing and more time on billable work – up to 75% more!

We help law firms to prepare more compliant, more effective, e-billing and paper invoices – with less internal resources. This in turn allows a firm to allocate administrative resources to where they can be most effective, while getting timekeepers back to the practice of law where they belong.

Minimize Billing Reductions & Maximize Invoice Revenue

InvoicePrep’s solutions produce e-billed invoices that meet client compliance requirements – up to 75% more! This means that firms that use InvoicePrep get paid more as well – up to 15% more in the aggregate.

The use of InvoicePrep’s software also means new data, new metrics, and new tools to better manage and understand timekeeper effectiveness, more accurate engagement pricing, and to see overall performance in a new light.

Improve Client Management

Payers like guideline-compliant firms. It’s just that simple. Neither clients nor firms enjoy or benefit from friction on billing issues.

InvoicePrep helps firms take control of the entire client-firm billing conversation. With InvoicePrep there are no more reactive or defensive conversations about an invoice adjustment, just a prompt payment.

InvoicePrep has achieved dramatic results for law firms. Contact us to hear about some of our success stories.