Our Process

InvoicePrep’s process helps law firms tackle the frustrating challenge of preparing invoices that meet their clients’ performance and submission criteria. InvoicePrep’s processes are provided in five inter-related steps. For the purpose of illustration we have used the “outsourcing” solution. In a “software” solution setting the firms personnel would perform the steps, where appropriate, using the InvoicePrep software.

Invoice Upload

Law firms start the process by submitting the Firm’s pre-bill in a LEDES format to InvoicePrep. This is done efficiently through InvoicePrep’s portal or by email, usually by the Firm’s billing personnel. Using the industry’s most advanced business rules software, with guidelines that are customized for each firm and each of the Firm’s clients, InvoicePrep screens the invoices for validation or formatting errors and items that require further preparation – timekeeper information, rates, matter identifiers, etc.

Invoice Preparation

After being validated by InvoicePrep’s software for compliance with client-specific formatting requirements, each invoice goes through a three-level preparation process conducted by attorney experts using InvoicePrep’s “invoice compliance” software. Each of our preparation experts is an attorney with significant experience in legal invoice compliance, the specific guidelines of the industry’s leading payers and the leading e-billing software platforms. Their preparation helps to ensure full compliance with each client’s individual guidelines and unique software requirements. Clarifications and suggested changes to the invoices are recorded and managed within the InvoicePrep software. All edited invoices can be reviewed and approved prior to submission to the payer. Law firm personnel can access their invoices easily and quickly, with a full history of all recommendations and changes.

Invoice Submission

After preparation and further validation for LEDES and UTBMS compliance, prepared invoices can be submitted to the payer by either the Firm or InvoicePrep. Most law firms opt to have InvoicePrep manage the entire submission process. InvoicePrep validates receipt of the invoice and immediately manages any submission issues.

Invoice Tracking and Measurement

The invoice “Lifecycle Dashboard” provides easy and accurate tracking and valuation of all invoices as they pass through
their stages, from when they come out of the time and billing system through the final post-appeal payment. Each step
has drill-down functionality so firms can get at the timing or detail that matters: original edits/corrections, client reduction
detail, appeals isolation and scheduling and payment data from their time and billing system. It is a single-source,
multiview tool that allows firms not only to understand the “where” about their invoices, but more importantly the “why.”

Appeals Management

In the rare circumstance when a payer makes an adjustment to an InvoicePrep-prepared invoice, our attorneys can manage all aspects of the appeals process. We work closely with each law firm to ensure charges are reinstated where appropriate and that they are paid for the work they have performed. InvoicePrep then provides the final amount of each invoice to the law firm for reconciliation with their accounting, general ledger, and time and billing systems.

Reports and Analytics

All invoices flowing through the InvoicePrep software contain a wealth of information critical to firm management. InvoicePrep provides a collection of business reports, with query capabilities, that enable firms to analyze their own data. Our suite of reports is designed to help firms optimize effectiveness, productivity and ROI. Our reports include data critical to improving how a firm manages invoices, matters, budgets, timekeepers, and clients.