What if firms could eliminate the frustrations and challenges of ensuring that each invoice is fully compliant with the increasingly strict and complicated requirements of clients’ e-billing and litigation management guidelines? What if you could get back to focusing on the core competencies of your law firm? What if you could get back to running a law practice, not a billing practice?

InvoicePrep makes that possible. We know that every minute spent on an invoice is a minute lost building your business or servicing an existing client. We know that every adjustment made by a client reflects poorly on the Firm. We solve those problems.

InvoicePrep provides three ways of solving these problems for law firms:

Outsourced Service

Our outsourced service allows firms to hand this process over to proven experts with great efficiency improvements to their own operations.

Software Solutions

Our software solutions allow firms to continue to utilize their own resources, now armed with the industry’s most advanced technological support.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services address critical law firm operational challenges, from solving targeted payer issues, to improving A/R and other billing-related problems.