InvoicePrep created the industry’s most advanced “invoice compliance” software for its own experts who are preparing invoices for the Company’s outsourcing clients. InvoicePrep makes its software available to firms who would prefer to have its own staff prepare invoices.

InvoicePrep’s software helps law firms to identify non-compliant invoice items before invoices are submitted to clients. These non-compliant items can then be addressed and corrected before invoice submission, resulting in higher and faster payments and an enhanced firm reputation.

Unlike other software products, InvoicePrep’s software can include both a client’s specific billing guides AND guidelines that are specific to each law firm’s historical experience with a specific payer. For example, if a specific client tends to make adjustments in one specific category of activities, InvoicePrep’s software can be programmed to help the firm’s billing staff focus on that specific area.

InvoicePrep’s software is an important tool for any law firm wishing to resolve its own billing challenges. It is easy to use and includes sophisticated pre-bill management tools, including editing, routing, and red-lining features. Use of the software includes powerful reports and analytics that are of critical importance to firm management and administration as they position their firm in the most competitive light.