What We Do

As a group of professionals who have worked in the litigation management and e-billing arena for years, we heard virtually every day the frustration of law firms and attorneys who were spending an increasingly larger proportion of their time creating and reviewing invoices and appealing declined charges. We knew there had to be a better way — a way that lets lawyers get back to being lawyers, not invoice and billing appeals experts. So, we created InvoicePrep.

InvoicePrep helps law firms improve their profitability by preparing invoices that meet their clients’ billing and litigation management guidelines. When invoices are prepared properly, payment is more prompt and the number of denied charges decreases. InvoicePrep’s system is streamlined, efficient and uses a combination of cutting-edge technology and professionals with extensive legal invoice compliance and e-billing software knowledge.

Finally, there’s an answer to the legal invoicing problem facing today’s legal profession. When you let InvoicePrep do the work for you, you and the other attorneys in your firm can stop spending countless hours managing the process. Our talented invoice preparation experts do what they know best, allowing you to do what you know best — practice law and serve your clients.